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In 2022, social media is no longer optional for businesses. It has become an effective way for businesses to grow their brands, build the community around the brand, expand the potential customer base, conduct research and so much more. In recent years, the number of businesses on social media increased due to digital transformation but this also meant tight competition in order to get the attention online. Among a sea of businesses on social media, some brands have been able to stand out, grow their platforms, and remain at the top of the game.

What is the secret sauce behind the social media strategies businesses use to capture audiences’ attention?

Let’s find out together. Continue reading.

Storytelling and Creativity on Social Media

We can simply define social media storytelling as the art of using texts, images, videos, and memes to create a narrative about the brand. Psychologically, human beings tend to connect with stories because of the emotions they provoke. Brilliant brands have been able to connect their brands with humans through storytelling because they resonated with them emotionally. In marketing, a brand’s storytelling and creativity are vital to retaining audience interest and engagement. These brands will inspire you with their excellent social media strategies.

Who Gives a Crap — Unique messaging, creativity, and brand personality

Have you ever fallen in love with toilet paper? We did, because of Who Gives a Crap, the brand with an impeccable social media strategy. Who Gives a Crap is an Australian sustainable startup that develops forest-friendly toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues. On their social media account, they use interesting marketing tactics to make toilet paper look very cool. Not to mention, their tagline; “good for your bum,” it’s a perfect statement to raise the interest of an unaware audience while reminding everyone what they are about. This brand teaches us that when you are selling to human beings, be human. Toilet paper is generally not an interesting product, but Who Gives a Crap has been able to turn its product into an extraordinary product by using an engaging, simple and smart strategy to connect with people. The funny tone of their brand’s voice allows them to communicate through humor, to inspire and engage with their followers, making the discussion about pooping so intriguing. Their strategy shows that a brand can be authentic and use humor to market its product meeting its business objectives while pushing for the agenda of sustainability.

This is a clear example of how a simple product can be successful with the social media audience nowadays.

Chiquita Banana — Limitless content creation

We never knew the power of bananas until we came across the Chiquita banana account on social media. Chiquita Banana is a sustainability-driven brand that aims to provide farm produce to the community through sustainable and efficient business processes. When you visit their Instagram, you instantly go bananas because their content is based on a banana. From the colors to their content, they are telling a story about a banana using things we can relate to. Their Instagram page is outstanding due in part to the graphic design, as they present unique visuals to communicate their agenda as well as to demonstrate what can be done with a banana. Moreover, Chiquita banana stays relevant with trends, they can create visuals that represent their brand, communicating current affairs to capture the attention of the unreached audiences and further grow their platform. Such brilliance is unmatched.

Burger King — Top-notch digital marketing based on trends

Burger King is one of the world’s largest burger chains serving about 11 million customers worldwide daily. On TikTok and Instagram, Burger King uses marketing tactics to captivate, engage, and entertain its followers. It’s hard to visit their pages without staying for a bit longer to consume a little bit more of the content available. What stands out on Burger King’s social media is their ability to keep up with current affairs and use them in their marketing strategy to stay relevant. Occasionally, Burger King incorporates zodiac signs into their social media marketing strategy, and they are able to capture the attention of followers by creating humor about their personalities and sparking debates or discussions which boosts their engagement. One thing people love on social media is drama. During the pandemic, the UK Burger King demonstrated social media brilliance through a heartfelt tweet encouraging followers to buy from its competitors with an aim to spark a conversation. In that tweet, it also reminded its audience of the fact that it delivered tasty meals too. This post increased engagement by 23283.29%. Burger King reflected that its brand values aren’t centered on getting sales but it genuinely cared for the well-being of other businesses, which made them stand out. We really admire Burger King’s marketing approach.

MySecretCase — Educational content to market what you can’t

MySecretCase is a brand that provides erotic accessories dedicated to the pleasure of women and offers various adult toys for couples. When it comes to the topic of sex or sexual pleasure people shy away or avoid discussing this topic in public, especially on social media. So how has this brand been able to build a community and get people to engage in this topic? MySecretCase uses a creative approach to content creation to educate the community about sexual pleasure and the human body. In addition, the brand uses entertainment as part of its strategy to help the audience resonate with the content. MySecretCase does not directly sell the product to the audience, instead, they have mastered the art of getting followers interested and engaged with their content. On Instagram, the MySecretCase page is visually aesthetic, it does not give the impression of an adult page because of how well-crafted it is. Overall, their social media strategy educates, empowers, and entertains, putting them on the radar. By engaging your audience and leaving them emotionally connected, this brand demonstrates that the impossible can be achieved. The audience will trust you and your product because of their emotional connection.

Chipotle- Storytelling to skyrocket your brand positioning

Chipotle is a popular American restaurant chain that serves a simple menu of Mexican-inspired food. It is well known for its brand and marketing of “Food With Integrity,” which is its tagline. This tagline clearly reflects what the brand stands for. Chipotle has been in business for 28 years and it has done tremendously well with its marketing strategy. Chipotle is well-known on social media for its collaborative approach of letting employers and customers be the center of attention around the brand. This strategy works like magic because it makes the brand authentic which is a great reminder to customers that the product is made for them. Moreover, Chipotle has embraced digital platforms and it leverages all platforms to maximum use. Humor is a great tool for engagement and that’s why Chipotle uses the meme marketing strategy on Instagram to communicate in a relatable way on social media. Moreover, Chipotle stays relevant with the times and trends on TikTok where it leads and sets trends for other brands with video content. One would think that branded videos are the best way option when it comes to marketing but this is not so for Chipotle. Chipotle uses a casual storytelling strategy to create videos that are down-to-earth to showcase hacks, recipes, and even UGC from customers. This brand demonstrates that when a business is customer-centric and focuses on creating content for people all its efforts are made successful.

To wrap it up

As attention spans have become shorter, it’s harder to win the attention of people on social media. Storytelling and creativity play a huge part in successful marketing nowadays. Telling stories can enable your brand to connect with consumers. Creativity invites and captivates social media audiences as it stirs up their curiosity. Letting the customers into your marketing strategy through user-generated content is a brilliant idea as it encourages them to post content using branded hashtags which are perfect for helping spread brand awareness on social media. If you desire success on social media, create content that resonates with your audience. Furthermore, create content that promotes your product and provides value that will influence your customers to buy from you. Good storytelling will strengthen the character of the brand and improve its positioning. Storytelling for brands aims to establish emotional connections and responses with audiences.

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