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6 min readJul 21, 2022

In 2022, plenty of businesses are creating content as a part of their culture. In the age of this digital transformation, more businesses and individuals are creating and consuming content on platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Tiktok, where you can find the majority of Gen Z showing off dance moves, but that’s for another day.

With the booming creator economy, social media has become a competitive place to stand out, especially for businesses and personal brands. Online trends and tools are forever changing, which means marketers must stay up-to-date in order to stay relevant to audiences and gain the favor of algorithms. What can you do to stay on top of the content creation game? We are about to unpack the practical and effective solution for you, keep reading.

Know what your audiences love to consume

First things first, before you start creating content it is vital to know which social network the majority of your audiences spend their time on. This is not to say that you will be limited to one platform, but knowing who your audience is will help you devise a content creation strategy. The creator economy, as I mentioned earlier, is massive, and most brands today are recognizing that content is the currency that buys engagement and attracts attention online. Moreover, having an established niche helps you know your position, and know what kind of content to create. With that said content can be created in different formats for different social media platforms. You can create branded social media posts, blog posts, infographics, podcasts, YouTube videos, and Ebooks. For instance, if your business specializes in educating Millenials about financial management, it’s best to create a Podcast where you create conversations that allow your target audience to gain knowledge and value.

Keep up with trends

Social media is a place where new content is constantly circulating, trending, or going viral. It’s essential to leverage these content trends as they can help your business reach a wider audience. Brands that create content based on trends tend to get discovered by new audiences and get high engagement in their marketing campaigns because their target audience will be hooked on the trends. Netflix has become popular on Instagram because they have mastered the meme marketing strategy. It is even more exciting since followers co-create and share their own memes, which strengthens the bond between the brand and its followers. It is undeniable that meme marketing is effective for social media marketing! 55% of 13–35-year-olds send memes every week, and 30% send memes daily. People come on social media to unwind and escape from the busy aspect of life. Using memes to communicate with them is the best way to engage with and get likes, shares, and retweets in return. Moreover, meme marketing increases your chances of going viral especially when you make it a goal to keep up with the trends that resonate with your brand. If you take part in a challenge in your niche, where you can give an opinion or contribute to the audience, then your brand increases its chances to make a great impression.

Quality over quantity

Though it may be tempting to think that successful video creation is simply a ton of videos posted with a bunch of hashtags, the fact is that great content is thoughtfully created to provide value to consumers. The quality of content determines how the audience will react to it. In content creation, the aim should be to make videos, infographics, or images that give the audience a reason to follow you and be part of your brand. Instead of showing off your product or service, you can create explainer videos that show the benefits, convenience, relief, and solutions you offer in your content creation strategy. With video content on the rise, short-video form is the best content we recommend for your content strategy because it has a greater potential of giving you views, engagement, and re-shares compared to other forms of content. People online have shorter attention spans, therefore creating 7–15 second videos will certainly work in your favor.

Find your own style

In creating content, you may take inspiration from other creators and brands, which is good, but emulating others and not having a sense of creativity will make you a copycat brand. To discover your brand’s style you have to revisit your brand missions, values, and brand voice. Developing and setting your tone according to your values and what your business stands for is critical. Once this tone is set it will be a guideline for the messaging of your brand. The most followed TikToker, Khaby Lame has a phenomenal content creation style. Without saying any words, he creates content by reacting to videos, using his facial expressions to communicate in the simplest way his audiences love. Following this template in all his videos, Khaby has been able to build an audience of people from all over the world placing him at the top of the creator economy ladder. Once a brand finds its tone, it can create content and review the top-performing content and find ways to recreate or expand on top-performing content.

Research and find inspiration

Before executing ideas without any foundation, content creation requires research, just like any other marketing task. Some of the vital things to consider when researching are; niche trends, competitor content, and the best keywords in the niche. Researching keywords is great for your SEO strategy and hashtag strategy as it grants your brand authority, relevance, and volume on both search engines and social media engines. Tools such as Google Trends can be used to find keywords relevant to your business and niche. When it comes to content creation, inspiration plays a vital role. The great news is that you can create content anywhere, therefore inspiration is everywhere. You can find video inspiration on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. Instagram and Pinterest provide great visual and graphic content inspiration. Reddit and Quora are great sources of inspiration for blogging topics or tweets for Twitter.


Content will remain king in the coming years, and your brand must embrace it as culture. This will help your brand become more visible on social media and search engines. Content creation requires time, and strategy which can be overwhelming, however, if your business gets the right tools and content creation team onboard, that work becomes easier and success is guaranteed. Are you ready to experience growth and brand significance through content creation? Our team of experts is ready to help you create content that will skyrocket your online business. Click this link, and let’s get started.



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