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5 min readMay 20, 2022

Think of a highly successful brand you admire. What templates does it use?

It’s difficult to tell, right? That’s because they may not use templates. Brands that lead with great design and strong value are capable of achieving higher conversion rates.

Creating a unique brand requires a unique approach at all levels — at every single point of engagement, regardless of the size of the business. After all, the impression you give about your brand is your brand. Do you want to be perceived as an ordinary brand that your audience has seen a thousand iterations of? Can your voice be heard among other brand voices your audience hears? It certainly cannot be heard if you follow a typical template.

Your creative gut knows better, and so does the data. Landing pages that are creatively built, thoughtfully designed, and that have an engaging copy tend to get more traffic. Furthermore, they convert at higher percentages and generate better leads and more sales.

Here’s how in four steps:

1) Design a Landing Page Around Conversion Goals

Turns out that landing pages designed around specific conversion goals better achieve those goals. The custom landing page we developed for Zero by Timekettle garnered a 33% conversion rate, which not only validated positive brand engagement but also significantly decreased the company’s cost-per-lead, and at the same time increased the brand awareness.

For this product launch, our team honed in on Timekettle’s audience data to strategically generate a creative approach to gaining visibility with similar audiences. We developed the User Interface and User Experience, with a copy based on our analysis that made a much bigger impact on Timekettle’s target demos, leading to an incredible 33% conversion rate.

Investing creatively in sales and in lead generation does pay off and save your money as proven by another landing page designed by our team, developed for a seasonal campaign for Puppyoo’s high-tech cordless vacuum. What was the goal? Sales. Did we achieve the results? YES! In nearly 48 hours the product was sold out, mainly because of the unique-looking, and dynamic User Experience optimized landing page which generated high conversion rates, with an exceptionally high 53% Click Through Rate on the page!

There may be something unique about a product, but the challenge will be how to stand out and be different among a sea of similar products in e-commerce marketplaces. There are plenty of headphone brands in existence, and the top of the market is monopolized by huge tech brands with fantastic reputations. This harsh reality didn’t stop underdog tech brand Edifier when we launched its crowdfunding landing page in Japan for the NeoBuds Pro, which became one of the top three campaigns of all time in the country for that category, in 2021.

2) Call-to-Actions vs. Call-to-Values

There is a ton of value in creativity and design. The creative design process determines how people value a design first and foremost. This thought process translates well when thinking about the goals of digital marketing, sales, and brand awareness.

Consumers do not instantly feel moved to make buying decisions. Before going to click a button, providing their email, or purchasing a product, they want to know why they should make a purchasing decision. What’s the value to them?

That’s where Call-to-Value makes its grand entrance. Here are examples of how to add a value proposition to abused (read: overused) Call-to-Actions:

  • Buy Now → Save 30% off now!
  • Sign up → Start for free today
  • Subscribe → Get started now
  • Join today → Try it at no cost
  • Shop now → Get yours today
  • Get started → Create yours now
  • Sign up for notifications → Be the first to know

The goal behind our strategic design process starts with specific audience data and ends with an irresistibly strong value proposition for those audiences. Custom landing page design and creative copywriting all serve to drive value-based brand messaging to achieve measurable results.

3) Prioritize Storytelling Over Specifications

You may be getting an idea that at Naturality Digital we are passionate storytellers. A valuable part of communicating a strong value proposition to consumers is fulfilling storytelling. After all, a list of bullet points with product specs doesn’t achieve the goal as it could be with a powerful story.

Take the Puppyoo vacuum cleaner campaign mentioned earlier as a prime example. We could have focused on the fact that the vacuum has a brushless motor with a speed of 8,5000 RPM. That may mean a lot for the vacuum’s actual quality but may mean next to nothing to potential customers unless they know the technical jargon of the vacuum.

Instead of listing specs, we developed copy and design that conveyed the value of the product to the user:

  • “I’m one of the world’s most portable and advanced vacuums ever”
  • “I have an aluminum body, so I’m lightweight and tough. My body also helps with sound insulation, therefore I won’t make a peep”

Customers who want to know the specs will look them up, but your brand should give them a reason to do so in the first place. Otherwise, your product or service is just another spot on the dartboard.

4) Tell a Brand Story the Audience Want to Hear

Consumers are attracted to brands and products that resonate with them. To successfully create brand awareness, market your products, and generate sales successfully, you need to tell a story that showcases how you can solve their problems or improve their lives. We really enjoy when it comes to telling brand stories in all aspects. There are many channels you have to convey your brand’s story and attract people. You only have one shot to tell a compelling narrative for your brand with them.

Explore our work to read about some of our stories, or send us a message so we can share them with you. After all, who doesn’t want the success spotlight pointing at them?



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