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When your business is trying to attract clients or customers, it is important to remember that every interaction they have with you reflects on your brand as a whole. As the face of your brand, your company’s website represents your business and its products online. When the website fails to deliver the right information in an aesthetically pleasing manner, the brand barely stands a chance against its competitors.

If your website was beautifully designed a few years ago, you still need to measure its performance over time and ensure that it welcomes more traffic as you grow. However, website redesigning is a massive undertaking–it is not just about picking colors or changing graphics, but rather how it functions, considering the critical role your website plays in your marketing and brand image.

How and when should you consider investing in redesigning your website?

Here are some tips that can help you articulate a clear vision, a perfect example, we have is the Xinran Mannequins’ website redesign done by our creative design team.

  1. Business strategy shifting and repositioning.

Reasons for redesigning a website may vary, depending on the specific marketing goals of your business. The most common reasons for redesigning are to rebrand your site or the brand as a whole, increase your traffic, generate more conversions, and enhance functionality to improve user experience. When redesigning your website, is important to identify your goals, keeping in mind that your audience’s needs should always come first.

Xinran had been producing and selling ABS models in the Chinese market for over ten years, and they were looking to expand to the U.S and western markets. Xinran decided to redesign its website since it was too outdated and dysfunctional to support its growth.

After a few rounds of debriefing and coordination with the client, we helped to identify their goals for the redesigning process:

  1. To showcase products easily and with a modern style;
  2. To position the brand as a high-end fashion firm;
  3. To increase the number of visitors and conversions;
  4. To increase the time spent on the website

By acknowledging these, we had a crystal clear vision of what to do next.

2. Improving accessibility & functionality

Overwhelmed website structure and features can completely ruin your website’s user experiences. According to data collected by Top Design Firms, 42% of people would leave a website because of poor functionality, showcasing the need for accessible web designs. To improve the situation, we spent weeks researching fashion & model production markets and analyzing Xinran’s competitors, and came up with a brand new customized website structure, which sharply optimized user flow and navigation.

3. Refreshing outdated visual layout.

UI (User Interface) design plays a major role in the website redesign process. The text hierarchy, graphics, and images are required to end up being coherent with the overall look & brand image and delivering the message precisely.

First, we helped Xinran refresh its outdated logo design and bring out its elegance and minimalism, and then created a set of graphic assets to help build Xinran a design system that is streamlined and coherent.

Companies often overlook creating multimedia content in high quality — high-resolution product photos and hero shots, as well as well-made videos as aspects that are perceived by visitors upon first glance. This will influence the next step the viewer will take either to explore the site further or not. Consumers appreciate it when businesses have photos or images (40%) and videos (21%) on their websites.

In this case, Xinran had a high-quality photo library that allowed us to build their visual presence with aesthetically pleasing user interface pages with a consistent and minimal look, as well as ease of use. In addition, it helped accelerate the whole redesign process.

If your business lacks visual content, it’s difficult to make your website presentable. We strongly recommend that you create fresh, high-quality content ready to use and nicely done before moving forward to redesign your website or e-commerce shop keeping in mind the latest trends and your brand guidelines to have the best results as output.

4. Revamping website contents & product information

The challenge of showcasing e-commerce sites with a vast amount of products can be a major issue for many companies. 34.6% of people would leave a website because of poor content structure. If your website lacks a clear method of filtering and organizing your content, this won’t just cost users tons of time on finding the proper information and get easily confused, but also create potential difficulties when it comes to updating the new visual content designed for the website itself.

This was one of the issues Xinran was having, and as problem solvers, we had to take over and fix it. The miscellaneous product lines they had were very different from one another, and presenting them in an efficient way was a good challenge for us. In the end, we decided to solve this problem by adding a customized filter function to the product list page, giving each product category its own filter system, and helping visitors to find what they’re looking for in just seconds, ending with a well-done optimization of the UX (user experience).

5. Give the priority to mobile-first.

With a massive hike in mobile searches, you can’t sit back with your website without making it mobile responsive. It is shown that 73.1% of people would leave a website because of the lack of responsiveness of website design with multiple devices. Another major reason for a website redesign is to make sure your mobile site isn’t embarrassingly chaotic or unreadable.

Taking it a step further, designing a responsive website involves more than simply “adapting to multiple device dimensions”. As mobile-first has turned to be the market standard for years, a customized version of a website that is specifically optimized for mobile devices–to simplify miscellaneous desktop functions which are not needed on mobile, or to make different (or simplified) functionalities on mobile based on your marketing strategy, can bring your website’s user experiences into a next level. Check out both desktop and mobile versions of the landing page we designed and developed for Puppyoo’s high-tech cordless vacuum as a practical example.

Xinran’s original website did not support responsiveness at all. To improve this, we redesigned the website with a completely customized, responsive bootstrap grid system to best optimize the User Experience and User Interface for all the most used breakpoints.

As digital trends continue to evolve, companies and brands in general; must prepare to consider revamping their existing website to convert visitors into customers and improve their ranking. Effective website redesigning takes effort, time, and money, but it is also a crucial investment for your business’s global success, as well as an essential digital marketing asset. In a nutshell, the purpose of redesigning your website is to improve the functionality and accessibility of your website, with the final goal to improve conversion rates, visits, and the time spent on it. It’s an exciting process that will help you determine the business’ strategy and launch an engaging, easy-to-navigate site that will give a good impression of your brand through an original branding process, and ultimately help you to succeed.

Would you like to know more, or need help with redesigning your site? Our creative design team is ready to help you revamp your website. Hit this link to get in touch with us.



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